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Privacy policy

We recognize the importance of personal information protection, establish the policy of personal information protection, and endeavor to protect personal information appropriately.
As the basic principles, management methods and effective means of personal information collection and utilization, the regulations on education, training and supervision are as follows and implemented.

Basic principles concerning collection, use and provision of personal information
  1. in the case of collecting personal information directly, we obtain the consent of the person by an appropriate and fair means.
  2. the purpose of the collection is to clarify the purpose of use and to remain within the scope necessary for the purpose.
  3. sensitive information that is likely to infringe individual interests shall not be collected unless there is a clear consent of the person or the provision of laws, etc.
  4. if the company trusts from the outside of the business with the handling of personal information or entrusts to the outside, it specifies the confidentiality of the personal information, the matters concerning the re entrustment, the responsibility sharing in the accident, the return and cancellation of the personal information at the end of the contract, and so on.
  5. personal information shall be used within the scope of the consent of the person.
About personal information management
  1. personal information acquired by the company directly or collected from the outside shall be kept in an accurate state and take measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage.
  2. in the case of receiving the personal information from the outside, it is confirmed by the appropriate and fair means that the customer has obtained the consent of the person when obtaining the personal information.
Law and other norms

We will continue to comply with the laws and regulations of Japan and other norms related to the protection of personal information.

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